How does social affect SEO in Panama?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) isn’t just about implementing on-page technical best practice. You also have to be aware of how off-page methods can affect your website’s visibility, this includes social. So how does how does social affect SEO in Panama?

Technically speaking, social media is a communication medium and therefore cannot improve organic search rankings. However social must work in conjunction with your content and SEO strategies in order to raise your site’s profile and traffic.

Social media can help increase new visitors and maintain returning visitors. If you publish engaging, informative articles and posts on your social channels, then you are increasing trust, which encourages returning, loyal customers.

Although Google has denounced the idea that there’s a social signal analysis, they have confirmed that social media pages are crawled and considered like any other page on the web. Bear in mind that Tweets are now indexed by Google and this can increase brand visibility and further impact awareness and brand searches.

Whatever the situation is with the major search engines, marketers still need to know how to get the maximum effectiveness from social.

Consumer behavior has rapidly matured with the growth of the online world. Customers access the internet through a variety of different platforms and channels. Two thirds of shoppers report using more than one channel when deciding to make a purchase.

Search engines responded to this shift by evolving the query algorithm to better understand intent and mold their search engine results pages (SERPs) and provide fast, convenient answers for users.

To succeed in this modern digital ecosystem, brands must do the same. They must understand how to develop content that accurately reaches the target audience based upon concrete goals.

Opportunities at the intersection of channels

For the modern marketer, the opportunity for brand success lies at the intersection between search, social, content, mobile and local. SEO is the core driver as it helps ensure material is easy to find online.

Creating material that fills these needs builds engagement and drives relationships and conversions.

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