Maximizing SEO When Setting Up a New Website Panama

The following steps must be performed before putting a live a new website Panama.

Host Check

An unreliable web host whose servers go down often, subsequently compromising your site’s availability, could seriously affect your site’s SEO.

HTTPS Security

Any website running on HTTP that accepts sensitive customer information is now unsecure. Rather than frighten visitors off with that warning in your address bar, get an SSL certificate and HTTPS for your site.

SEO-Friendly Theme

A truly SEO-friendly theme will be responsive, clean-coded, fast-to-load, and feature a modern design.

Keyword Research

You can use tools like kwfinder and Answer the Public to identify which keywords work best for your site. They should be relevant, memorable, and less competitive if you want to improve your chances of getting found for them.

Page Optimization

Typically, you’ll want to use one focus keyword per page.

Tag Inclusion

On-page tags (as opposed to blog post tags for categorization) should be used to establish hierarchy, increase readability through easy scanning, and convey a clear indication of what your content is about. The focus keyword within these tags as well.

Permalink Fix

Website URL + truncated post or page name = SEO perfection. The focus keyword should also appear in the truncated page name.

Image Assignment

Each page of your WordPress site should have at least one image on it. Once you’ve selected and uploaded your image, use the metadata fields to add alt text

Link Internally

One of the best ways to demonstrate to search engines that your site has relevant and read-worthy content is by giving visitors a reason to visit multiple pages during their time on site.

Broken Link Check

If you’re going to all that trouble to add internal and external links to your website, use the WP Broken Link Status Checker plugin.

Add a Blog

regular updates are one of the items search engines look for when ranking sites? A blog is one of the easiest way to make this happen.

Page Speed Optimization

The Hummingbird plugin helps with all aspects of site optimization, including file minification, browser caching, and more.

Image Optimization

As websites become more reliant on high-resolution and full-screen imagery, which are great for the user experience, you’ll need a way to get a handle on what they do to your loading speeds.

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