Trends for web design Panama trends for 2017

Hidden Navigation

At a time when browsing on mobile devices is more prevalent than on desktop, screen space is a valuable commodity.

Hiding features and menus until they’re needed frees up the screen for the more enjoyable elements like images or videos, and creates a sleeker, minimalist web design Panama that makes it easier to focus.

  • Conserves screen space
  • More emphasis on navigation
  • Minimalist design makes it easier to concentrate
  • Improves appearance of first screen
  • More flexibility in overall design structure

Large, simple typography.

Large, bold, and easy-to-read typography makes the navigation menu clearer and more effective, plus helps fill the space. Designers often take this a step further with all caps.

Disciplined color palette.

Color palettes are now going back to basics. Two-color palettes — or a single color in addition to black and white — are becoming more and more popular.

Ample white space. For the sake of consistency among multiple devices, web design Panama are favoring more white space, or to put it another way, extreme minimalism.

Split screen

Split screens are like opening your site with two separate and self-contained cards (one of which may contain smaller, traditional cards).

Split screens allow for content diversity: one half might be an attention-grabbing photo and the other half a navigation menu (like above). The layout creates a pleasant aesthetic with natural visual hierarchy.

Vibrant visuals.

Lively photography, bright colors, and flamboyant typography all enhance split screens, as long as they’re not used excessively to become distractions.

A common pattern is to have one side dulled or grayed out when the other is hovered over, so the user can focus on one side’s visuals at a time.

More Video

Already a well-established trend, video maintains popularity, both as content and hero-sized backgrounds.

The big difference in video for 2017 is quantity, not quality. We’ll see the same styles of videos used more often on more sites, taking the format from a pleasant surprise to a baseline expectation. However, the future still offers some new applications for videos, such as interactive storytelling, described below.

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