We often come across these mistakes in WordPress Website Design Panama

WordPress Website Design Panama – Common Mistakes

Installing too many plugins

If you install too many plugins, it’ll cause your site to bloat and  run slower .

Wisely choose the plugins you install, and be sure to uninstall the  ones not in use.

Not optimizing content for SEO

It’s a missed opportunity to publish a piece of content having put  zero thought into its SEO. To increase traffic and get your content  found by search engines, it’s crucial you prepare your written content  and images with SEO in mind.

Neglecting to backup a site

Creating a backup of your work is crucial so you don’t lose  anything should worse come to worse.

Not changing the default permalink structure

By default, the permalink structure in WordPress isn’t optimized for SEO.

To change the permalink structure in WordPress, go to Settings -> Permalinks and select “Post name.”

Ignoring WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates

Plugins, themes, and WordPress sites that aren’t up-to-date present  ecurity vulnerabilities — these outdated files are traceable, and basically let the bad guys in.

Changing a post’s URL after it’s been published

By changing the post   slug, you are breaking all existing links out there. So any old links

will lose traffic and present a bad user experience that leads to a 404 error page.

Using bad (or no) visuals

Images are imperative to holding the reader’s attention within a text- heavy article. Studies show content with visuals gets  94 percent more views than those without.

Not resizing images for web upload

Images are often the culprit to a slow site and you should seriously  consider preparing your images for upload by reducing their size.  This can be done either by using an editor like Photoshop, or a plugin to resize images

Using the default admin username

By default, after WordPress is installed the username is “admin,”

which is troublesome in terms of security.

Hackers can easily guess that name and take control of your website.

Using a weak password

The easier your password is for you to remember, the easier it will be for hackers to perform brute-force attacks and guess your password.

Using poor/cheap web hosting

You might want to keep costs low, but using poor hosting for your  WordPress site would be like purchasing cheap fuel for a Ferrari.